Thursday, February 13, 2014

What Does Counter Strike 1.6 Download Have To Offer Consumers?

If you are already hooked on Counter Strike you are not alone. This is quite arguably one of the most exciting internet games that you can play. Catching like wildfire for a reason, many are finding themselves addicted to the thrill of the adventure. What is better than the original? The updated version. If you want more excitement, more fun and more challenges to conquer than try the Counter Strike 1.6 download. More than just an online single shooter game, it is the bet thing to hit the gamers world in a long time.

This first person shooter game from the original creators of Half-Life series has everything that a gamer could possibly want and then some. There are terrorists to destroy and other rivals at every turn. Taking your breath away, your heart pounds as you wait around the corner, or enter every level with the potential to be ambushed. Feeling like you are right there in the action, it is one of the most realistic games you can play. Team oriented play makes you feel like you are in real combat, relying on the strengths and wits of others, as well as being able to be the hero.

The new version has so much more to offer. New worlds, new adventures and the most advanced, updated and high definition graphics make this game head and shoulders above the rest. If you have been through all the levels of the old version, this one allows you to start anew and is worth hours of gaming entertainment. This game will get your heart racing and have you sweating just like you were in real combat yourself. Catapulting you mentally off of the couch, or office chair, you get the thrill ride of your life.

There are new maps to discover and strategies to figure out. This is a tactical game that can only be beaten by those who have the military know how to figure it out. This isnt a game that kids can play, it takes a real man to understand the complexity of battle and to devise a plan to keep yourself and your team mates alive. The new Counter Strike has everything that the old version was missing, which you probably didnt even know it was missing. Improvement may not have been something you thought Counter Strike needed, but this new version proved that it did.

Made for use with any Windows format, you are able to download it straight to your computer for hours of entertainment and enjoyment. The new levels come complete with amazing eye popping graphics and bright clear images that make you feel as if you are in the computer playing along. It is not hard to lose yourself when playing this game, just dont get too carried away, it is just a game after all. The best part about playing this game is that although the action is real, you arent in any real life danger, you just feel as if you are.

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